If an employee requires access to the Colleague User Interface (UI), the employee or supervisor must complete an Information Systems Access Request (TSR) form and the form must be fully approved by the respective division Vice President before IT staff can provide access. 

Common Security Class Assignments:

  • Full time faculty member
    • Security class required: "FACULTY"
    • Access granted: This security class gives the faculty member access to the powerful Colleague mneumonic "RGN" as well as other screens that allow the faculty member to view student schedules and degree plans. The RGN menumonic allows the faculty member to register or unregister any student into any class.
    • Note: In general, faculty should use the Advisor and Student Planning features of MyBlueRidge when possible rather than rely on the Colleague interface. 
  • Adjunct Faculty Member:
    • Adjunct Faculty are no longer provided access to Colleague UI unless there is a specific need. In general, adjunct faculty can use MyBlueRidge to perform all their regular administrative tasks
  • Non-instructional Staff
    • Due to the wide variety of job functions among staff members, there is no template that can be applied to a staff member's Colleague access. The access provided to a staff member should be aligned with their job role and operate on the concept of "least privilige" to effectively perform the given job function. Supervisors and Vice President's are responsible for reviewing, and authorizing all Colleague access to ensure the access granted fits the employee's role. 
    • All staff members needing access to Colleague, need to have at least the following security class:

● UT.LO.843 - allow proper display of Colleague menus and proper session log out actions to occur

When filling out a form for a staff member's Colleague access, follow the steps below to view the security classes currently assigned to another employee in the same or similar role and simply mirror or adjust the new request.

1. Open the Workgroup "H: drive" folder

2. Go to the "TSR" folder under workgroups

3. Double-click to open the BRCC User Security Report 'Live' Excel file

4. Accept security warning as needed

5. Enter the USERNAME (in all CAPS) of the current employee for whom you wish to base the security classes upon and press OK / <ENTER>. (Note: Username = the first part of an email address -- before the @ sign)

6. Review the security class column in the provided output and request those (as needed) security classes for the new employee