This guide will explain how to connect to your office computer using the VPN and Remote Desktop.  There are some prerequisites for this process which include: an approved TSR form for VPN access, the computer that you want to connect to has to be turned on, you must be off the Blue Ridge Community College network to connect to the VPN.  You may notice some delay or lag which will most likely be due to whatever internet connection you are connected to.


1.  Double click on the VPN Access Manager to establish a VPN connection.


2.  Double click on the “BRCC-Staff…” icon within VPN Access Manager


3.  You will be prompted to put in your AD credentials (these are the same credentials used to sign in to your computer).  Click on “Connect”


4.  If you successfully connect to the VPN, you will see a message saying “tunnel enabled”.


5.  Once you have successfully made a connection to the VPN, you should be able to double click on the “Office Computer” icon.


6.  You will again be asked to enter your AD credentials and click OK.





7.  If you have multiple monitors and they are not showing up, you can edit the connection settings by right-clicking on the “Office Computer” icon and clicking on Edit.


8.  Once you are connected, you should see your office computer’s desktop.  You’ll notice that you have a Remote Desktop Connection toolbar at the top of the screen which will look like this:


You can minimize, restore down/restore up, or close the connection with the buttons on the right side.

You can unpin the toolbar by clicking the thumbtack (to get the toolbar back, you will move the mouse to the top of the screen and it should show you the bar.  You can click on the thumbtack to pin it back so it won’t disappear). 

Once you are finished with the connection you can click the X.  Do NOT shut down the computer as this will prevent you from connecting because the computer will be off (there's no way to turn it back on without physically turning it on).


9.  To disconnect from the VPN connection, click on the up arrow next to the time in the bottom right corner and right-click on the lock icon shown below, then left-click on exit.

10.  If you are presented with the following pop-up, click on the disconnect button


Click on the “Display” tab and choose the “Use all my monitors for the remote session” checkbox.  Click on “Connect”.