On Instructor and Employee computers, you will be prompted every month to complete a LynxClient software test. This test is to update your location and phone number so that if you press the F9 + F11 keys on your keyboard, the correct information will be sent to our BRCC Police Department.

Please note: This test is vital to maintaining our campus security systems. Please complete the test each month.

  1. To begin the test, click the green "Test Now" button. You have the option to defer the test for 3 hours by clicking the red "Remind me again in 3 hours" button. Lynx

  2. Click on “Test Now” on it will start the LynxClient Testing Wizard.  It will ask you to press the F9 and F11 keys at the same time. Note: Please only press the keys oncekeyboard

  3. If the test completes properly, you will see a green checkmark at the bottom of the window. Click Next on the blue “Next” button in the right to advance to the next step. test complete

  4. If you have filled out your classroom or office information before, the wizard will ask you if the information that it has on file is correct.  If it is correct click on the “Yes, this location is correct.” Button.  If the information is not correct, you can click “No, this location is incorrect.” confirm location

  5. If the computer prompts you to enter information for the location, this means that our Blue Ridge Alert system doesn’t have any data for the classroom or office.  Please enter the correct location of the computer (Building and Room number is fine) and enter your office phone number in the other blank (if the room the computer is in doesn’t contain a phone, type the word “none” in the blank).  Click on the blue “Next” button. Enter Location

  6. You should now be finished with the monthly Blue Ridge Alert test.  You can click on the blue “Finish” button. Finish