When you print to a printer device called "Global Print Release BW"  or "Global Print Release Color", your print job will be held until you "release" it at the printer itself. 

This allows you to print a document that might contain sensitive information to a printer that is in a public area.

When you send a job to the Global Print Release, you can visit any Toshiba copier on campus and log in with your AD credentials (The same username and password that you use for Moodle and to log into your computer).  Some copiers will have a badge reader where you can use your employee badge to log into the printer (see instructions here).

You will be given the option to see your print job(s) that you sent to the global release.  Be sure to verify the number of pages is what you expect before printing.

Retrieve your documents. Log out by pressing the yellow function/clear button until the login screen is displayed..

Note: You must retrieve (i.e. release) your print job within 1 hour or it will automatically be deleted for security reasons.