The software that we use to be able to access our on campus phone extension from a computer off campus is called, Cisco Jabber.

The Cisco Jabber program generally wants to use whatever is set as the "default" Windows microphone and speaker. This is often NOT the correct option if you have plugged in a separate headset. 

Here is a quick way to resolve a client issue when they say the headset isn’t working with Jabber.

On the cisco Jabber client click the gear or sprocket icon in the upper right-hand corner as shown below and choose settings.

After you click settings click Audio

You may notice speaker has changed to the computer speakers instead of to the headset speakers. Also, if equipped the Microphone may have changed to the Camera instead of the headset or external microphone.   I have to change this configuration after every ZOOM meeting I take and after I reboot or power cycle my PC.



Just use the drop-down boxes to select your preferred option.

This is also the location where you may test the functionality of the chosen speaker and set the loudness and verify the microphone is picking up your voice.

Once the preferred setting has been configured choose Apply then OK.  This should keep the Audio settings the way you like until you either have a ZOOM call/meeting or reboot the system.

I’m looking into the Windows settings configuration to see if I can find a way to make this issue go away?

In the audio option scroll all the way to the bottom of the page/list

Choose Advanced

Select the option of your choice a Check mark appears and you can use the up/down arrows to change your preference of where Jabber should look first for what device type.

Once you have it set click apply. Do this for each device you change.

After your done with your changes, click Apply and OK.


I will test this and see what happens after a ZOOM call/meeting or reboot.