From your phone, press the Messages button on your phone and follow the instructions.


The same password works for everyone and it is:

Remember, you must set up your voice mail account from your office phone. You must set a new password during the setup.

Now what?

To setup your voice mail box:

  • Use your office phone. The call to the voice mail system must come from your number.
  • Press the messages button on your office phone.
  • Follow the prompts on the system, using 86423 as the password.
  • You will have to do three things to activate your account:
    • Record your name
    • Record your greeting
    • Change your password (must be five characters or more)
  • Pay attention to the system prompts. You will be given an opportunity to hear what you have recorded and change it, if you wish.

To check your messages from off campus

  • Dial your phone number
  • When you hear your greeting, press * on the phone
  • Follow the prompts
    • Your ID is your 4-digit extension
    • Press # after entering your ID
    • Enter your password
  • When you are finished, hang up.

If you have question about the voice mail system, call the HelpDesk at ext 1895 or email