Upgrade to version 2.26 adds access to student phone numbers and email addresses

The Home Page

Log into Self-Service: http://my.blueridge.edu On the Home page, click on ‘Advising’.

Find a Student for Advising Overview

The next page shows the search box to find a student for Advising. You may type the Student’s name or Colleague ID (CID), also known as Student ID. Alternatively, you can click on ‘Advisor’, enter your CID or name and search through your advisees. The following screens assume you search for a student.

Search result

When you have the Student displayed on screen, you will see their Name, CID, and possibly their photo (if they have had a BRCC ID card made).

The new Profile Popup

To see the Student’s profile, mouseover the Student’s name. A mouseover is just moving your mouse pointer over something without clicking a mouse button. The Profile Popup should appear. You will see the Student’s Name, CID, whether a CE or CU student, as well as an email address and phone number. DO NOT STOP HERE!

View Full Profile more/better info

To see more information in the Student’s profile, click on ‘View Full Profile’.

The ‘full’ Student Profile

The ‘full’ Student profile page shows multiple email addresses and phone numbers if they exist, according to the ‘rules’ on the next slide.

Which email addresses and phone numbers?

The email addresses displayed are:

  • STU - BRCC Webmail address

  • EMP - BRCC Employee address

Reminder: ALWAYS use the student’s Webmail address when working with the student

Phone number(s) displayed:

  • Cell phone

  • Home phone