This article contains links to Create, Edit, Share and Use DocuSign Templates.

Note: Your access to templates is controlled by your user permissions, as defined by your DocuSign administrator. If you cannot create or edit, or even use templates, check with your administrator.

Create Templates

Creating a template is a lot like starting an envelope. You add files, recipients, messages, and signing fields, and you can add any of the standard supported file types to your template.


About templates

Create a template

Copy a template

Create a template video

Use merge fields to customize envelopes

Add files/document to template

Edit Templates

You can edit any template that you previously created and saved. If you have access to templates shared with you by other users, you may be able to edit these as well.


Edit a template

Cancel changes while editing

Template history

Template passwords

Templates with PowerForms

Edit a DocuSign Template video

Share Templates

Sharing a template allows other users and user groups on your account to access and use it to send documents for signature. As long as you have template share permission on your DocuSign account, you can share any template you created, and you can modify sharing settings for any template shared with you.

Important: Your template permissions are set by your DocuSign administrator. You must have template permission set to share in order to share templates. 

Two ways to share templates

There are two ways you can share your templates:

  1. Share a template directly with select users and groups.
  2. Share a template by adding it to a shared template folder.


Protect your shared templates

Share a template with a user or group

Shared template folders

Share a template by adding it to a shared template folder

Remove a template from a shared folder

Share a DocuSign Template video

Use Templates

Do you send the same or similar documents, or send documents to the same group of people, over and over? Templates help streamline the sending process. You can use your saved templates to start a new envelope. Everything defined in the saved template is applied and added to the new envelope. You can use the template as is, or you can add additional files, modify signing fields, add recipients, and add and modify messages.


How to use a template to create an envelope

Complete templates

Add a template to an envelope

Locked items on a template