Option Term Use
Add to Person Favorites Add person records to your favorites.
Add to Form Favorites Add form to your favorites.
Name Card or Context Area Individual record that contains information about a person or organization.
Name Card Selector & Results Panel Choose from multiple person records. Open, remove, or add the person to favorites by selecting them from the Results panel. The active card is labeled Active.
Name Card Scrollers Scrolls between person cards.
Context Area Close Out Button Closes out of the currently selected context card or all cards.
Context Area Help Button Provides help information for the context area.
General Help Button Provides general, process, and field help. Quick Tour and Keyboard Shortcuts are found here too.
Push Pin Context Button Keeps records in Context or Auto-closes records.
Form Search Search for Colleague forms. Search by mnemonic or keywords in the form title.
Person Search Search for person records. Search for person records by name, ID, etc.
Print Form Print the current form to a local or network printer.
Search Results Panel (Card View) Search results that display in card form.
Search Results Panel (Grid View) Search results that display in sortable rows and columns.
Zoom Slider Bar Change the scale of all or current forms.
Window Controller Bar Displays when a field can store multiple values. Able to move anywhere on the screen.