Keys and Functions

1 Power button

Press and hold for 3 seconds to turn on the remote. LED ring will turn green.

Press and hold for 3 seconds to turn off the remote. LED ring will shut off.

2 Blank screen button The screen will become blank/dark.
3 Slide show Start - Press once to begin.

Stop - Press and hold for 2 seconds to stop the slide show.

4 Page Forward/Next slide Press once to go to next slide.

Page Backward/Previous slide

Press once to go back one slide.
6 Laser pointer Laser light is emitted from the opening.
7 LED ring Power and KeyLockTM indicator.
8 KeyLock button

Press once to enable KeyLock function.

- Disables all keys except the laser, page forward/ next slide and page backward/ previous slide buttons.

- LED ring will become RED.

Press once to exit the KeyLock function.

- LED ring will return to GREEN.

9 Laser pointer button Press and hold to activate the laser pointer.

Plug & Play

Remove the mini USB receiver stored inside the center compartment.

Slide the battery cover back into position until it “clicks” firmly into place.

This remote is a plug and play device. It will automatically operate when the USB receiver is connected to the computer. Plug the mini USB receiver into any available USB port on your computer.

Turn on the remote by pressing and holding the On/Off power button for 3 seconds.