How to Log into computers in the classroom, lab and libraries

Username = “student”

Password = “learn”

This applies both to student computers in the classroom as well as the instructor computer.

If you are not able to log into a computer using the “student” user account, try entering “” in the username field and use the same “learn” password.

If another user is currently logged into a classroom computer, select switch user to log in with the student account.

Classroom and Lab Computers are ‘frozen’

IMPORTANT: Any files you save to a computer in a classroom, computer lab or library will automatically be deleted forever when the computer is restarted or turned off!

Any files saved to computers in BRCC classrooms will automatically be deleted when the computer shuts down. Be sure to save your work on your own USB flash drive or to your Blue Ridge CC Google Drive account also known as WebMail (for students) or (for employees).

Note to employees:

The Colleague UI is not accessible from classroom computers. Colleague UI can only be accessed from computers from full time employee and adjunct employee offices.