Scheduling Tool for Professionals

25Live Pro is our tool for scheduling professionals responsible for more complex class and event scheduling, data management, and/or administration tasks. This new version of 25Live is built for SaaS on an updated coding and deployment platform, and it will be the home for all new advanced scheduling functionality moving forward. Improvements over the classic 25Live tool include:

  • Simplified, consolidated navigation
  • Unified master search
  • New drag and drop functionality, including for occurrences
  • Additional event inline editing functionality
  • A single invoice for related event sets and the ability to refresh a previously generated invoice with updated event data
  • Expanded features for (-1) system administrators to edit the "welcome" and "viewer" message and to directly adjust the theme (logo and header colors)

Features and Benefits

  • All-inclusive academic and event scheduling capabilities with expanded features for administrators
  • Unified master search with advanced search capabilities
  • Convenient drag-and-drop features for occurrences in availability views and on given dates in the Schedule view
  • On-the-fly occurrence cancellation, deletion, and copy in availability views
  • Cleaner reports interface for easy access to all standard and custom reports
  • Extensive space, resource, and organization/contact data management
  • System, functional, object, and assignment policy security applies just as it did in classic 25Live
  • New, redesigned Event Form with greater occurrence editing capabilities and streamlined navigation