At a Glance

Figure 1

Figure 2

Removing the Outer Case

The outer case must be removed to charge the GoPro and to insert the battery and SD card.

  1. Hold the camera with the screen facing away from you.
  2. Use your fingernail to pry up and under the lever with the arrow engraved. You will hear a snap.
  3. Pull the piece up. The front part of the outer case will be freed.
  4. Press on the back of the camera until the camera comes loose from the outer case.

Inserting Battery and SD Card

  1. Hold the camera so that the bottom of the device is up.
  2. Find the battery door (Figure 2.14)
  3. Press the battery door button down with your thumb and move it away from the speaker grille (Figure 2.10)
  4. Insert the battery in the slot, matching the pins on the battery with the pins on the camera.
  5. Insert the SD card by pressing it in until it clicks.
  6. Close the battery door by holding it down and pushing it towards the speaker grille.


Charging Your GoPro

  1. Find the side door (Figure 2.5).
  2. Press the button down and slide the door towards the bottom of the camera.
  3. Insert the included USB-C charging cord into the camera and into a computer or USB wall brick.
  4. Allow the camera to charge for 2-3 hours before first use.

Replacing the Outer Case

  1. Insert the camera into the case so that the “Black 7” on the side of the camera matches with the “Black 7” on the side of the case.
  2. Push the camera until it is completely inside the case.
  3. Push the front bezel piece until it is on the camera’s screen.
  4. Line the hook of the top case piece up with the indention on the top of the front bezel piece.
  5. Push the top piece down until it snaps into place.

Powering on Your GoPro

  1. Hold the device with the screen facing towards you.
  2. Hold down the Mode Button for about three seconds, or until the screen turns on and you hear three beeps.


Basic Setup

When turning on the device for the first time, a setup menu will appear.

  1. Use the touch screen to select “English”.
  2. Press “Agree” to agree to the legal terms.
  3. Choose if you want the camera to record your location when taking photos or not.
  4. On the setup screen for the GoPro App, press the back arrow button at the top and select “Skip Setup.”
  5. Change the date by scrolling up and down on the screen to select the respective date. Press the checkmark in the top right corner.
  6. Change the time by scrolling up and down on the screen to select the respective date. Press the checkmark in the top right corner.


Taking a Photo or Recording Video

  1. To choose whether the camera will take a video or a photo, press the Mode Button (Figure 2.11) until the appropriate option is selected.
  2. If you need to zoom in, press the magnifying glass button on the screen to open the zoom menu, where you can scroll to the appropriate magnification level.
  3. Press the shutter button (Figure 1.1) to take the photo or begin recording video.
  4. When recording video, press the shutter button again to stop recording.

Transferring Photos and Videos

  1. Plug the camera into your PC using the included USB-C cable.
  2. Open Windows Explorer.
  3. Locate “HERO7 BLACK” in the Devices and Drives section.
  4. Double click “GoPro MTP Client Disk Volume,” then “DCIM,” then “100GOPRO.”
  5. Recorded files can be moved to your PC by clicking and dragging them into your desired folder.