The "Sign In" button to the upper right is ONLY for the Technology Support ticketing system and is not connected to any other systems you will use as a student (click here to learn about the systems, such as webmail and myCourses, that you will be setting your password for using the instructions below.)!!

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Getting Started Guide: First-Time Login for New Students 


Choosing the Right Device 

To begin, make sure you're using a laptop, desktop, or tablet. These devices work better for what you need to do. Using a smartphone might make things a bit harder. 


Finding Your Username and ID 

If you gave the college your personal email when you signed up or applied, check your email. Look for a message called "Welcome to Blue Ridge Community College." This email has important stuff: your username and student ID number. 


Can't Find the Email? 

If you don't see this email, look in your spam folder. Still no luck? Contact the helpdesk. We're here to help. Remember, only new students who just signed up will get this email. 

Setting Up Your Password 

Open your internet browser, like Google Chrome or Firefox, and type in in the address bar. This will take you to the right webpage.


Entering Your Username 

Type in your username and click next.

  • Important note: Your username is your full Blue Ridge email address.


Set Your Password

Click "forgot my password" and do the challenge captcha.


Verification Method 

You'll need to show it's really you. Pick either your phone number or the email you gave when you signed up. Put in the code they send you. 


Creating a Strong Password 

After you prove it's you, make a new strong password. It has to be at least 12 letters and have a big letter, a small letter, a number, and a symbol. Click finish. Now you can use your new password to sign in. 

Current Students: Forgot Password


Go to the Right Place

Open your internet browser, like Google Chrome or Firefox, and type in in the address bar. 


Can't Get into Your Account?

Look for a button or link that says cannot access account. Click on that. It's there to help you if you're having trouble.

Who are you?

Find the spot where it asks for your username. This is the name you use to log in and is your full college email address. Enter it and then fill out the captcha.


Following the Instructions

Now, the website will provide you with some actions to take. These are similar to small tasks or questions. Make sure to pay attention and follow these steps closely. They will guide you in recovering your password.

Tips and troubleshooting

Tip: Making a Safe Password 

Want to make a good password? Check out "How to create a secure and memorable password


Tip: Can't reset your password because you have not registered for a password reset 

If you receive this error it's because we don't have your phone number. Give us a call - we cannot fix this by email.


Need More Help? 

If anything goes wrong with your username or password, talk to the helpdesk. We're here to help you out. Just remember, we can't send passwords through email. 

You can contact us at 694-1895 or visit our on-campus helpdesk at either TED 117 or PAT 154. Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 8:00 am - 5:30 pm.