Blue Ridge Alert is a system that allows the College to quickly communicate urgent messages to students, employees and any interested members of the public. 

If you are taking a class or otherwise regularly on campus, you should consider signing up to receive Blue Ridge Alert messages. The types of messages you might receive from the Blue Ridge Alert system include:

  • School Closing Announcements
  • Severe weather events affecting the campus
  • Safety threats or security concerns

How to sign up to receive Blue Ridge Alert Messages:

Using your cellular phone, Text the phrase "alertme" to the number 67283

Shortly after you send the message, you should receive a welcome text message. If you do not receive a welcome message, please make sure you are sending the correct phrase, alertme (no spaces or punctuation characters) to the number 67283.

How to unsubscribe to stop receiving messages:

  • Reply with the word "STOP" to any Blue Ridge Alert message
  • Or you can text "STOP" to 67283 at any time