Submitting Tickets

There are a couple of different ways you can submit a ticket in the new system.

  1. Email All emails to the Help Desk are automatically converted into a ticket with you as the requestor.
  2. Submit a ticket through our Technology Support Portal. You must be logged in to submit a ticket through the portal. The instructions for logging in can be found at the top of the page and are linked here. The easiest way to login is selecting "Sign in with Google" and using your webmail address or you can create an account if your prefer. IMPORTANT: ALWAYS use the same email address on all your tickets so they are linked to one account and be sure to use an email you check often, preferably your email address.
  3. As you enter in the subject, the system will suggest articles to the right that contain those words. You may find an answer before you click submit!
  4. You must enter the required fields (email, phone number, subject, & description) and complete the Captcha before it will allow you to submit.

Viewing and Interacting with Tickets

After your ticket is entered in the system, you will be sent emails notifying you when it has been assigned or when progress has been made. The staff member working on the ticket may also email you through the ticket.

To interact with or respond to the agent, you have a few options:

  1. You can reply to any of the emails and it will be added to your ticket.
  2. You can click the link to open your ticket, where you will be able to see the dialogue between you and the agent, add a note directly to the ticket, or just check the status.
  3. You can navigation to the Technology Support Portal, login, and click Tickets for a list of your tickets.