As of May 2021, the "Locator Card" is longer be available and has been replaced by the Aviso student success platform. 

Highlights and Features:

  • Provides an easy to use 'wizard' approach to guide current or prospective students to schedule meetings
  • Aviso can point to your existing public Google Appointment slot calendar. Therefore, you can choose to either:
    • Continue to use your existing Google Calendar Appointment Slots only
    • Use both the Aviso system as well as your existing Google Calendar Apppointment Slots
    • Use only the Aviso system for students to request appointments 
  • Automatically links to your Google calendar so that Aviso will automatically avoid scheduling meetings whenever there is an existing event on your calendar
  • Automatically adds calendar appointments to both your Google calendar as well as to the students @Webmail Google calendar
  • Provides a level of accountability for students since it automatically adds to their student email account calendar and since it is easy to view future and past appointments
  • Provides automated meeting reminders using the same Google calendar reminder notification system that you are already familar with 
  • Prevents surprise or short notice meetings from appearing on your calendar by allowing faculty to require at least X number of hours or days of advanced notice before it allows a meeting to be scheduled
  • Provides an easy-to-use "what do you want to do" process that helps guides students to schedule appointments with the proper advisor or student services staff member best suited to meet their needs for that appointment

How to setup meeting schedules and availability:

Here is a link to a detailed How To Setup the Aviso Meeting Scheduler - includes step-by-step video guides

(Optional) How to create a printable view of your schedule:

  1. Go to your Google Drive / Google Documents
  2. Select Create new Google Document, then select "From Template"
  3. Select the "Blue Ridge Community College" tab
  4. Select "BRCC Faculty Locator Card Printable Template"
  5. Edit the document as needed
  6. Once you are done editing, print the document to a nearby printer
  7. You might want to use the "Scale" print out feature in the print dialog to shrink the output to fit in a wall placard or to suit your needs. Depending on your needs, we have scaling down the 8.5x11 output to about 70% seems to fit well in placards. 

<< Note: This is your own personal copy of the template. It will remain in your Google Drive folder and available for you to revise and print whenever needed.>>