The copiers that work with the badges will have a black card reader on the right side of the copier.  

To associate your badge with the copiers, you will need to tap your badge on the card reader until you hear a beep.

You should notice on the copier screen that it asks for you to enter your username and password.  This username will be your AD (Active Directory) username and password which is the same one you use for WebAdvisor, Moodle, logging into computers, etc.

After you submit your username and password, you should receive a message that authentication is complete.  It will then request you to log out of the printer which you can do by pressing the "access" button on the copier.  It will prompt you to log out and you will press yes.

Tap your badge on the card reader again, you should hear a beep, and then it should log you into the copier.

NOTE:  The card readers only work with the new employee badges (new badges contain a string of numbers on the back under the magstripe).  Cards might not function properly if a hole has been punched in the card or if the card has been damaged in any way (i.e. bends, heat exposure, etc).

If you are still unable to log in using your badge, please call our Help Desk at 694-1895 and provide the number after the 5* on the back of your employee badge.