25Live provides you with three default personal views where you can see a list, calendar, or availability grid of your starred events and locations and saved searches.

Getting to Your Personal Views

Use the More menu in the top navigation bar to get to your personal views.

Choose from:

  • List
  • Calendar
  • Availability

Viewing Your Main Event List

The List view shows your starred events by default, but you can also use the top drop-down list to view saved search lists. List items are presented in a list within a table. There are several controls and options available to change the results, order, and view of search results.

To View Additional Pages of Search Results in List View

There are navigation controls at the bottom of the list where you can go to the next page, the last page, or jump to other pages of results. You can also choose how many results display on each page.

To Change the Date of the List View

Click on the date to reveal a date picker, then choose the desired date. To view multiple days, click the Days dropdown and select the number of days you would like to view.

To Sort Items in List View

Many columns in the list table can be used to sort results. Click on a column title to see if the column is sortable. If so, the data will sort in ascending order. Click again to sort in descending order. The column that the items are sorted by will display in bold.

To View Additional Details of Items in List View

Click on the names of events, locations, resources, and more to go to each item's details view. Any piece of information in the list table that is a link to more details is underlined.

Viewing Your Main Event Calendar

The Calendar view shows your starred events by default, but you can also use the top drop-down list to view saved search lists. This view displays an easy to read grid of days on which events take place.

This view also allows you to create events in the displayed locations by using the create event icon in the calendar grid. 

To Change the Time Span Displayed in the Calendar View

On the date picker, select your start date and then in the dropdown, select the number of weeks you would like to view.

You can also use the arrow buttons at the bottom of the calendar grid to shift the dated display backward or forward in time.

Viewing Your Main Location Availability

The Availability view shows your starred locations by default, but you can also use the top drop-down list to view saved search lists. The view consists of three main parts:

  • Availability toolbar at the top
  • List of locations along the left with the option to star or unstar each 
  • The availability grid with the display of hours along the top of the grid
    • This view allows you to not only view availability for specified hours on a single date, but also see utilization and create events for the displayed locations or resources during the hours in the grid by using the create eventicon in the grid squares.

To Change the Date Displayed in Availability View

Use the arrows on either side of the date to go to the previous or next date. To view a new date (other than the previous or next), click on the date text to reveal a date picker.

To Change the Hours Shown in the Grid

 Use the slider controls to change the hours displayed in the availability grid.

At the top-left corner of the availability grid are controls for changing which hours are shown. Click on the control icon to open the Hours display. Move the sliders along the line to adjust the hours displayed in the grid for this list of locations.

To Change the Availability View Utilization and Display Style

The Availability view features different view modes to switch between.

  • Standard (default): Displays simple availability with color codes indicating the status of events
  • Utilization Views: Shows utilization statistics for locations/times in the availability grid based on various comparison choices

Standard (default) View

In the Standard view mode, the squares representing blocks of time in the availability grid are color coded

to signal different statuses of events.

  • Blank/White: Available
  • Gray: Closed hours, based on the location's open/closed hours
  • Black: A blackout hour
  • Green: A normal event with occurrence start and end times
  • Light green: Setup/pre-event or post-event/takedown time around an event time
  • Orange/Beige: Location unavailable due to a relationship with another location
  • Purple/Gray Slashes: Pending location reservation

Colors indicate the status of locations or resources during displayed hours in the availability grid Standard view.

In the above example, the “Northwest Art Awards” event is scheduled from 3:00pm-5:00pm, shown in green, but the event also has setup/pre-event time and post-event/takedown time, shown in light green. Another event that day is shown in Orange, indicating the event’s location is unavailable.

Additional View Options: Edit Mode

Three view modes in availability grid.

You can also change the view mode of the availability grid, choosing between:

  • Separated
  • Overlapping
  • Edit Mode

In Edit mode, the availability grid allows you to change the event date and time by dragging the event's colored block within any available grid squares. Check the "Snap To Grid" checkbox above the grid to restrict times to half-hour blocks, or uncheck the checkbox to freely move the event to any time.

You may also right-click on a regular event title (in green) to display editing and viewing options for that event.