Top Navigation

The navigation bar is always present across the top of the 25Live interface to give you convenient access to the most used sections of the application:


  • The link to return to your home dashboard in 25Live

Event Wizard

  • A direct link to the online form used to create events


  • Link to the Tasks section where you can search for tasks, complete your tasks, and create new tasks


  • This message indicates the name of the currently logged in user


  • An expandable menu that provides you with additional links and options

The More Menu

The expanded More menu offers easy navigation to the following:

Home: 25Live Pro

  • Link to return to the home dashboard of 25Live

List (see Browsing Personal Views)

  • Access to a list view of your saved searches as well as starred items

Calendar (see Browsing Personal Views)

  • Access to a calendar view of your saved searches as well as starred items

Availability (see Browsing Personal Views)

  • Shows location availability for starred locations and saved and public location searches

Search (see Searching for Events, Locations, Organizations, Resources, and Tasks)

  • Easy access to the main search view with options to search for events, locations, organizations, resources, and tasks
  • List, calendar, and availability views are available
  • Advanced search options provide more targeted results


  • Access to run reports, email, export and save, print, and more

25Live Scheduling

  • Use this link to go to the mobile-friendly, basic scheduling version of 25Live


  • Contact Info and Date/Time Preferences are set by the system administrator and cannot be changed.


  • Welcome Message triggers the welcome pop up
  • Access to contact your institution's 25Live administrator
  • Current release notes for 25Live
  • Copyright information, privacy policy, and browser recommendations

Sign Out

  • Provides the ability to sign out of 25Live

Additional Navigation Elements

Just under the top navigation bar, there are additional navigation elements to help you quickly get to sections.

Go to Search

This link takes you to the main search screen where you can search for events, locations, resources, organizations, and tasks.

Recently Viewed

This dropdown menu contains a list of the last objects (events, locations, resources, and organizations) you've viewed in this session.


Link to these help topics. You may also seek additional help if needed.