The Top Navigation Bar is Always Available

The consistent navigation component on every screen and view in 25Live is the top navigation bar. Return to this handy area to access the main parts of the application, search, and visit other Series25 applications.

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Access Your Favorite Objects and Views Faster by Customizing Your Dashboard

The best way to improve your productivity in 25Live is to customize your home dashboard. With smart customization, you can quickly create events, access starred/favorite objects in one click, and quickly access saved searches.

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You can Use Multiple Browser Tabs

This version of 25Live allows for multitasking in multiple browser tabs. You can also open events, locations, resources, reports, and any other objects in multiple browser tabs for convenience.

In original 25Live opening multiple browser tabs was discouraged in favor of utilizing tabs within the application. Today, 25Live uses more convenient sections across the top of views rather than in-application tabs, and you can also keep different sections of the same view open in other browser tabs without danger of data loss.

In 25Live Pro you may also open new browser tabs using middle click (Windows) or CTRL-click (MacOS).

Additional Tips to Get More Out of 25Live

  1. Take advantage of search

    • With three search modes (Quick, SeriesQL, and Advanced), it's often faster to search for what you need rather than to browse.
  2. Use the Recently Viewed dropdown menu

    • Near the top navigation bar's search box is a recently viewed dropdown menu that will show objects you have viewed within the current session.
  3. Expand panels

    • Look for the chevron symbol in panels that indicates content that can expand or collapse.
  4. Look for drag and drop features

    • Many areas of 25Live, such as the home dashboard and availability views provide opportunities to quickly drag and drop objects where you need them
  5. Utilize inline editing

    • The event details view offers convenient inline editing features