How to install Automation Studio 6.4 Educational Edition from the BRCC network.

These instructions assume the following: 

  • You are familiar with Windows operating systems and can navigate thru the Windows environment. 
  • You are comfortable with terms like copy, paste and what “choose” and “select” mean when clicking on options in application prompts.

Before you begin make sure you are running a Computer System with Windows 7 or Higher.

You will need a USB Drive (aka thumb drive) with at least 2GB free space storage capacity to copy these files.

Getting the install files from the Blue Ridge Community College network:

The following folder should be accessible from any classroom or computer lab on campus.

The installation files are located on our server at:

\\\Students\Courses\EGR\Automation Studio

The easiest way to access this file location is to open “File Explorer” and copy and past the entire line:

\\\Students\Courses\EGR\Automation Studio

into the address bar at the top of “File Explorer” like shown and hit enter.

Once the directory is open copy the following items to a USB Drive (aka thumb Drive):

  • “Automation Studio Edu 64 bits” directory
  • “Automation Studio Installation Guide”
  • “License Info”

After the files have been copied you are now ready to install Automation Studio on your system.

Installing Automation Studio 6.4 Education Edition on Your computer:

On your computer: (the computer your installing Automation Studio on to) Make sure you have at least 5GB free Hard drive space prior to installing this application.

  • Go into the USB drive and open the Automation Studio Edu 64 bits directory and run the setup file.
  • If prompted: Choose yes

  • On the welcome screen make sure English is selected and choose NEXT

  • On License Screen click accept and Choose Next


  • Enter User Information and Choose Next

  • Leave default folder for install: Choose Install

  • If famictech website launches after choosing Install just close the website window and you should see the install window.

Note: This install can take some time so please be patient…

  • When install completes Choose Finish


Please note you must be on-line and connected to the internet in order for Automation Studio to run.

  • After installation finishes run the program for the first time:

  • After the above splash screen you will receive this license prompt:


  • Choose License Configuration and you get this screen: 



  • Under Authentication change the Authentication Mode: drop down box to: Username & Password

  • Input the following information exactly as shown as it is case sensitive.

Username: Student

Password: learn1!

  • Change Organization Identifier to Other: and type in Blue Ridge Community College

Should look like this when all is done:

  • Click on Green Check Mark
  • And you’ll see this screen:

  • Click OK and the program will open and will have a register software pop-up:

  • Click Do not show again and Choose Later

  • Program Opens

Congratulations the application has now been successfully installed!!